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Walmart to Establish Automated Fulfillment Centers in Texas


Walmart will locate a 1.5 million square foot fulfillment center in Lancaster, TX. near Dallas-Fort Worth to open in 2023.  A second 730,000 square foot automated grocery distribution center will also be located in the Dallas Fort Worth area and will open in 2024.  The two facilities will create 1,000 full-time jobs, 40 percent of which will require advanced training in technology and engineering.


Joe Metzeger, executive VP for Supply Chain Operations noted, “Walmart is excited to welcome two new high-tech facilities in the Dallas Fort Worth area to our expanding supply chain network.”  He added, “These facilities will include innovations that are radically disrupting the supply chain getting products into store shelves and items shipped to customers faster while saving time for our associates.”


Walmart operates 19 distribution centers, 593 retail stores and employs more than 171,000 in Texas.


Walmart is also testing autonomous box trucks supplied by Gatik of Palo Alto, CA.  The vehicles will shuttle grocery orders from a fulfillment-only dock store to nearby Walmart neighborhood markets in Bentonville, AR.


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