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Simbe Robotics Develops Tally Supermarket Unit to Monitor Produce Quality


Simbe Robotics, manufacturers of the Tally Robot that transits supermarket aisles checking stock levels, has received a patented upgrade to detect overripe produce.  According to a recently awarded patent (#11,200,537: Method for Tracking and Characterizing Perishable Goods in a Store), the robot is currently capable of evaluating the quality of produce and possibly the status of meat products in the future.





Robots are equipped with hyperspectral and color cameras and other sensors.  Computer systems can interpret inputs from cameras and by application of artificial intelligence determine the degree of ripeness of produce.  The sensors should be able to provide a profile including water content, rancidity and color of meat products.  In-store trials have demonstrated the ability of the Tally 3.0 Robot to detect rotten, damaged or bruised produce and rancid meat.

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