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NCC Posts Infographic Relating to Contract Growers


Egg-NewsRecently Dr. Thomas Elam published a scholarly review on the financial security ad earnings for contract growers, providing details of low turnover rates, long tenure with integrators and other benefits.  A summary of the findings was posted on CHICK-NEWS. This week the NCC unveiled an infographic on their website summarizing the findings in a form that consumers can review and digest.


Among the facts presented were high income for contract broiler growing compared to other farming enterprises, the demand for contracts and the mutual dependence of integrators and contractors to produce wholesome chicken at the lowest possible cost.


Dr. Elam concluded, "raising chickens under contract is one of the best and most reliable sources of cash flow that helps keep families on the farm.  The real winner is the American consumer who benefits from the healthiest and most affordable protein in the meat case".


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