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China Slashes Pork Imports


Chick-NewsWith more rapid recovery from African swine fever than expected, China has drastically reduced importation of pork.  According to the USDA-FAS, pork exports for the first quarter of 2022 amounted to 39,000 metric tons representing a 75 percent decline from the corresponding quarter in 2021.  U.S. pork exports were also impacted by reductions of 15 percent for Japan, 17 percent for Canada and 7 percent for South Korea, contributing to an overall 21 percent decline to 522,000 metric tons.  Mexico did, however, increase imports by 40 percent during the first quarter.


Chick-NewsThe U.S. is in a noncompetitive situation in China compared to the E.U. since a tariff of 25 percent is applied to U.S. imports.

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