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Outbreak of Campylobacteriosis In Japan Attributed To Consuming Raw Chicken


Chick-NewsAccording to ProMED mail on June 6th a localized outbreak of campylobacteriosis occurred in the city of Kyotanabe associated with a specific restaurant.  The vehicle of infection was chicken thigh sashimi, consumed virtually uncooked, having been briefly seared.  This specialty is only offered at a few restaurants in the U.S. but is common in major metropolitan areas in Japan.  Given the high prevalence of Campylobacter jejuni contamination of chicken, cooking to 165F for at least 30 seconds down to the bone is necessary to ensure freedom from this and other non-spore forming pathogenic bacteria.


Chick-NewsDuring the mid-1980s, an extensive outbreak of campylobacteriosis was diagnosed among fraternity members at the University of Georgia.  An investigation showed a temporary fad of consuming raw chicken, resulting in outbreaks.

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