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President Jawbones Ocean Carriers Over Rates


Chick-NewsOn Friday, June 10th, the White House released extracts from a speech delivered by President Biden on oligopolistic practices by ocean carriers.  Apparently, only nine major shipping companies are responsible for freight between Asia and West Coast ports.  These operators have progressively raised freight rates, adding to inflation.


During the past year, efforts have been made to improve efficiency of West Coast ports with 24/7 operations and incentives to move containers. The Administration has assisted Chick-Newsports, including Savannah, GA, with improved facilities, including a “pop-up” container storage area remotely from the port.  The Administration has also provided grants to the port of Long Beach and has increased funding from the Port Infrastructure Development Program, amounting to $685 million.  The Administration has also implemented a Trucking Action Plan and has directed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to develop a truck leasing taskforce to expedite transport to and from ports.

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