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Reduction In Future Beef Supply An Opportunity For Broilers


Projections for future beef production suggest lower availability in 2023 as a result of a reduction in the beef-cow herd. This trend was evident in USDA statistics released on July 1st with inventory the lowest since 2015. Depopulation will be accelerated in the short and intermediate periods by drought in the Southwest and high-input costs.  Beef cow slaughter was up 15 percent year-over-year during the first half of 2022.  In 2021 the disposal of breeder cows increased by nine percent from the previous year.


Concurrently slaughter of feedlot and grass-fed cattle has increased with heifer slaughter up 3.8 percent for the first half of 2022.  Given the length of the beef cycle, the U.S. will be facing a deficit of product through 2024 and possibly beyond creating market opportunities for both pork and broiler producers.  Even if the U.S. economy does not decline into a recession, consumers will be frugal in their expenditure and will avoid high-priced beef, favoring both broilers and turkeys for their protein requirements.

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