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Vaccine Efficacy Questioned After ASF 'Break" in Viet Nam


The National Veterinary Laboratory of the Republic of Vietnam produced an African swine fever (ASF) vaccine that was intended to protect domestic flocks and to create an export market.  According to Reuters, administration of the vaccine has been suspended as 600 hogs in the central Province of Phu Yen died following immunization presumably from ASF.


The Agriculture Ministry has not disclosed whether this was an adverse effect from the vaccine or whether the hogs died of ASF post-inoculation suggesting inadequate immunity.  ASF has been endemic in Vietnam since 2019 and is present in 47 provinces.


The USDA has developed an effective ASF vaccine understood to be under test in Vietnam and the Philippines where the disease is  regionally endemic. It is at this time unclear whether the presumed  failure of protection was attributed to the U.S. vaccine or a product developed in Viet Nam, both of which were manufactured locally. It is also possible that the problem may have been associated with improper handling or administration of vaccine.

Control of ASF will not be possible without a safe and effective vaccine that provides immunity to recipients with transfer of maternal antibodies to farrowed piglets.


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