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IPPE to Incorporate AFIA Biosecurity Program


USPOULTRY announced on November 8th that a special educational program focusing on biosecurity in feed production will be presented at the IPPE.  The event is hosted by the American Feed Industry Association (AFIA) and will take place 09h30 to noon on Wednesday, January 25th.  Registration fee is $65 before January 6th.


The program entitled "Biosecurity: Preparedness Must Be Perpetual" will include presentations by experts stressing the need for continued biosecurity with reference to African swine fever and highly pathogenic avian influenza.


Dr. Paul Davis, Director of Quality Animal Food Safety and Education for the AFIA stated, "this program will be very valuable to feed manufacturers because we will walk through what steps should be taken in the event of animal disease outbreaks". He added, "the feed industry can play a big role in animal disease prevention and with highly pathogenic avian influenza spreading and African swine fever at our back door, it is important we come together to make biosecurity a priority".

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