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Interaction of Influenza Virus with Duck Plague in Cambodia


In January 2017, a flock of 4,000 ducks underwent 90 percent mortality in Kampong Thom Province in Cambodia. Investigation of the outbreak disclosed both low-pathogenicity H7N3 together with Anatid herpesvirus 1 causing duck plague. Catastrophic mortality associated with a low-pathogenic AI was attributed to concurrent infection with a virus pathogenic for ducks.

The event in Cambodia has parallels in the Middle East where low-pathogenicity H7 infection is associated with unexpectedly high  mortality in chicken flocks immunosuppressed by infectious bursal disease and affected concurrently with Newcastle Disease or infectious bronchitis.


*Suttee, A.   Detection of Low Pathogenicity Influenza A (H7N3) Virus During Duck Mortality  Event, Cambodia, 2017 Emerging Infectious Diseases 24: 1103-1106 (2018)

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