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Comparison of Budget Shopping


Megan Leonhardt recently posted the results of comparison shopping restrained by a budget in an appearance on CNBC Money.  Leonhardt designed a menu for a week comprising 21 meals. She compared products and prices at Whole Foods Market, Trader Joe’s, Acme Supermarket and Aldi in her area.


  • Based on cost, it was only possible to prepare 16 out of 21 meals with 18 ingredients out of 23 at Whole Foods Market with a basket price of $39.69. 
  • Even with at-the-shelf substitutions, Leonhardt was able to make only 18 out of 21 meals using 18 out of 23 desired items purchased with a cost of $32.16 at Trader Joe’s.
  •  It was possible to purchase ingredients for 21 meals with 20 out of 23 items selected at a cost of $31.17 at an Acme market. A few of the desired “healthy options” were sacrificed and it was not possible to locate the advertised specials which would have reduced cost. 
  • Aldi supplied 23 items out of the required 23 to complete all 21 meals for a grocery total of $25.99.  Leonhardt was $6 under-budget at Aldi and was able to purchase a number of organic products and fresh vegetables in her basket.


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