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2-Sisters Acquisition of Banham Poultry in U.K. Under Scrutiny


The Competition and Markets Authority of the U.K. Government (CMA) has advised the potential acquirer of Banham Poultry (2018) Limited to delay closing the deal.  The CMA has decided to investigate the transaction and issued an enforcement order on November 3rd in terms of Section 72 of the Enterprise Act of 2002. 


On October 22nd, Boparan Private Office, the holding company of 2-Sisters Food Group, announced acquisition of Banham Poultry based in Attleborough, Norfolk.  The company produces seven percent of U.K. chicken.  Banham Poultry was purchased in 2018 by Chesterfield Poultry, but the company was seriously impacted by COVID and was in danger of failure, owing over $52 million to suppliers including independent growers.  Acquisition by the 2-Sisters Group that also owns Bernerd Matthews, a major UK turkey producer, would save the company and as many as 1,000 jobs including the security of farmers.


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