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ASF Persists in Poland


According to the USDA Foreign Agricultural Service, veterinary officials in Poland are reporting continuing cases of African Swine Fever (ASF).  From January 1st through October 29th 2021, 119 outbreaks of African Swine Fever have been diagnosed on hog farms and 2,278 individual cases involving wild boars.


The Chief Veterinary Officer of Poland noted that 57 percent of outbreaks in 2021 occurred on farms with less than 50 hogs while 5.9 percent of cases were diagnosed in commercial units with more than 1,000 hogs.


It is evident that the disease occurs on farms with ineffective biosecurity. Contributory factors include close proximity between infected and susceptible units, unrestricted movement of personnel, equipment and live hogs without due regard to either structural or operational biosecurity.





The concentration of cases in the west of Poland adjoining the border with eastern states of Germany has created problems for that Nation.  Fencing between Poland and Germany has been strengthened and programs are in place to eradicate wild boars in both nations.


Veterinary authority in Poland claim that restrictions due to COVID impeded control measures against ASF during 2020 contributing to the high incidence rate.

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