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DOJ Indicts Pilgrim's Pride Managers for Alleged Price Fixing


Following a not-guilty verdict in the third trial of executives of Pilgrim's Pride and Claxton Poultry, the DOJ has served four ex-employees of Pilgrim's Pride with a superseding indictment alleging price-fixing and bid-rigging in a conspiracy extending over eight years.  Those accused comprise Jason McGuire, former Executive Vice president; Wesley Tucker, former National Accounts Sales Executive; Jusin Gay, former Director of Fresh Foods Service Sales and Timothy Stiller, former General Manager of Fresh Food Services.


In addition, Stiller faces charges of witness tampering and obstructing an official proceeding. The DOJ alleges that Stiller attempted to conceal evidence and records and coached a witness who was cooperating with the DOJ regarding the alleged conspiracy.


The accused face up to ten years in prison for conspiracy and Stiller, if found guilty of the other charges could face a prison sentence of up to 20 years.

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