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Judge Grants Class Certification Following Tennessee Plant Raid


In 2018, agents from the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and Internal Revenue Service (IRS) raided Southeastern Provision Inc. beef plant in Morristown, TN.


The National Immigration Law Center and the Southern Poverty Law Center filed for class-action status on behalf of 100 workers. U.S. District Judge Travis McDonough granted the motion allowing the case to proceed against the two federal agencies.


It is alleged that agents used excessive force and violated workers equal protection rights by targeting those with an evident Hispanic identity.


During the previous Administration a number of raids were conducted on meat-processing plants in Georgia accompanied by expensive publicity.  There have been no public reports of raids over the past two years suggesting a change in ICE policy and a higher level of compliance with immigration regulations by processors and packers.


Notwithstanding the approach by ICE, it is evident that Congress should resolve problems of availability and issue of H-2A visas and improve security on our southern porous border.

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