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Compassion in World Farming Enrolls Nine New Customers


Compassion in World Farming organized the U.S. Working Group for Broiler Welfare in 2021 with seven founder businesses.  This group supports enterprises to develop programs to enhance welfare in intensive livestock production. Following recruitment of nine new members the Working Group comprises sixteen companies. These include manufacturers such as Nestle USA, retailers, (Target, Sprouts and the Whole Foods Market subsidiary of Amazon ) and food service companies, (Aramark and the Compass Group).  Collectively the sixteen members purchased 540 million pounds of chicken in 2021.


The U.S. Working Group for Broiler Welfare collaborates with Perdue Farms to establish and implement welfare initiatives with a program of improvement since 2016.  Many Perdue animal and flock-care practices are consistent with the Better Chicken Commitment including controlled atmosphere stunning, natural daylight in houses and enrichments.  According to Dr. Bruce Stewart-Brown, Senior Vice president for Technical Services and Innovation “Perdue will continue to collaborate with Compassion in World Farming and the Working Group to ensure that existing and future new customers can offer products from animals raised according to the Better Chicken Commitment standards.”


 “The expansion of the Working Group reflects a demand for meaningful change and how animals are farmed” according to Tessa Hale, U.S. Head of Food Business, at Compassion in World Farming.  For additional information on the Better Chicken Commitment access


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