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World Trade in Broiler Meat


The October 12th USDA Livestock and Poultry Report documented global and U.S. production and trade in broiler meat. Total production for 2023 should attain 102.7* million metric tons with the U.S. at 20.6 percent of the total with 21.2 million metric tons. USDA forecasts a 1.5 percent increase in RTC production by the U.S. from 2022 to 2023.  Domestic consumption in the U.S. will increase by 1.6 percent and exports will increase by 2.7 percent.


The next three nations or groups in descending order were Brazil with 14.5 percent of production at 14.9 million metric tons; China with 13.9 percent production at 14.3 million metric tons and the European Union with 10.7 percent at 11.0 million metric tons.


 In determining the proportion of chicken consumed in relation to domestic production, China will consume 99 percent of output in 2023, the European Union 92 percent and Brazil 68 percent.  The U.S. will consume 17.9 million metric tons or 84.6 percent of production with the difference in each case representing exports.


Top importing nations for 2023 will be Japan with 9.7 percent of world import volume at 1.1 million metric tons, Mexico at 8.1 percent with 930 thousand metric tons and the United Kingdom at 7.6 percent with 875 thousand metric tons imported.


Among the exporting nations for 2023, the leader will Brazil with 34.0 percent of all exports totaling 14.1 million metric tons followed by the U.S. with 23.7 percent of volume at 3.4 million metric tons; the European Union, 12.2 percent at 1.7 million metric tons and Thailand, 7.1 percent at 1.0 million metric tons.

* All values reflect ready-to-cook equivalent weight excluding feet rounded to one decimal place.

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