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Smuggling of Meat from China Increased in 2022


The U. S. Customs and Border Protection Agency (CPB) confiscated 1.2 million pounds of illegally imported pork, chicken, beef and duck products over the period October 1st 2021 through September 30th 2022 at West Coast seaports. 


On apprehension, the CBP issues an Emergency Action Notification resulting in either destruction re-exportation of contraband.  During Fiscal 2022, 1,288 Notifications were issued by the CBP at the Los Angeles and Long Beach ports, a 70 percent increase in three years.


Given that China has endemic avian and porcine diseases, there are considerable risks to U. S. domestic livestock with the pork industry the most vulnerable, placing production and export in jeopardy. It is time that the U.S. regarded deliberate smuggling as a serious offence with mandatory incarceration for importers. We have no doubt as to the response of authorities in China if the position were to be reversed.

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