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Broiler Hatchery Report


The Broiler Hatchery Report released on March 8th 2023 confirmed that a total of 241.3 million eggs were set during the week ending March 4th 2023, the same as the corresponding week of the previous year and 0.2 percent (0.6 million eggs) more than the previous week in 2023.


A total of 177.4 million day-old chicks were placed among the 19 major broiler-producing states during the week ending March 4th 2023. Total chick placements for the U.S. amounted to 186.6 million, unchanged from the corresponding week in 2022 and 1.7 percent (3.2 million) less than the previous week. Claimed average hatchability was 79.3 percent for eggs set three weeks earlier, (79.4 percent for the previous week). Each 1.0 percent change in hatchability represents 2.4 million chicks placed per week with current settings.



Cumulative placements for the period January 7th 2023 through February 25th 2021 amounted to 1.49 billion chicks, up one percent from the corresponding period in 2022.

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