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Perdue Farms Announces Retirement of Randy Day as CEO


Randy Day, a 40-year veteran of Perdue Farms will retire as CEO of Perdue Farms during this summer.  He will be succeeded by Kevin McAdams, currently Chief Operating Officer and president, in a planned succession.


Dr. Jim Perdue chairman of Perdue Farms stated “Randy has been instrumental to some of our company’s biggest initiatives in agribusiness and food production and will be instrumental in the CEO succession plan as well.  I’m incredibly grateful to Randy for his more than 40 years of services to Perdue especially for his leadership as CEO since 2017.” Perdue added, “His guidance was invaluable as we navigated the unprecedented and challenging COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.”


Randy Day has served on the National Chicken Council Board of Directors since 2015 and is currently Vice-Chairman having previously occupied other executive positions.  NCC president Mike Brown stated, “Randy has been a key figure in NCC leadership since he joined the Board of Directors eight years ago helping to shape priorities and provide direction for the industry.”  Brown added, “I wish him and his family all the best in their next chapter and I look forward to working with him and Kevin in his new role in the coming months.”


In a statement, Randy stated, “I have spent my entire adult career at Perdue and I love this company.  After 43 years I would like to spend more time with my wife, our children and our wonderful grandchildren.  I’m looking forward to mentoring and transitioning Kevin over the next few months.”  He concluded, “It has truly been an honor to lead Perdue Farms this past six years.”


Day is a native of the Eastern shore of Maryland and earned a Bachelor of Science degree in biology from Western Maryland College and a Master’s degree in poultry nutrition from the University of Maryland at College Park.  He completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

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