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Control ILT: Rapid Diagnosis with the BioChek ILT PCR Reagent Pack


Rapid diagnosis is critical to control Infectious Laryngotracheitis (ILT), an economically important disease in poultry. The BioChek Fowl Laryngotracheitis DNA reagent pack will detect the presence of ILT DNA in extracts from avian tissue and swab samples.

The BioChek ILT PCR reagent pack contains an easy-to-prepare Reaction Mix and includes all necessary controls. All BioChek reagent packs use the same protocol, allowing different assays to be run simultaneously. The ILT PCR reagent pack, as with all BioChek PCR products is validated for use with most leading thermocyclers used in poultry laboratories.

Use of PCR standards allows quantification of ILT virus. Prior to release, all BioChek PCR reagent packs, including the ILT PCR reagent pack, undergo strict validation procedures. BioChek PCR reagent packs are continuously upgraded to be clinically current through continuous validation against emerging and evolving field strains.

Save time and effort
Convenient and unique BioChek poultry software combines sample set-up, data collection and analysis with optimimal reporting using a single program and database for both PCR reagent packs and ELISA assays. Using the software while performing PCR testing saves significant operator time and effort while reducing the risk of errors in data entry. Reports generated by the software are clear and structured to facilitate analysis and comparison of data. BioChek monitoring software interfaces with most commonly used thermocyclers.

More information?
BioChek offers PCR reagent packs for NDV, ORT, IBV and Campylobacter.

A complimentary E-booklet is available to learn more about PCR technology by accessing <>  For additional information contact Tim Goode at <>.

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