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Packer Sanitation Services Settles with Department of Labor


Following an extensive investigation, the Department of Labor has announced that Packer Sanitation Services, Inc. owned by the Blackstone Group, was assessed a penalty of $1.5 million. This amount was based on $15,100 for each of 102 identified employees aged 13 to 17 years.  According to court documents released, underage workers were employed to clean packing plants, including overnight shifts and were assigned to handle hazardous chemicals.


 The Department of Labor Wage and Hour Division documented attempts at some plants to conceal illegal employment practices.  Minor-aged workers were employed at plants operated by JBS, Cargill, Inc., Tyson Foods, Inc, Maple Leaf Farms, Inc., Turkey Valley Farms, George’s and Great Omaha Packing Company.


When the illegal employment of minors became known, Packer Sanitation Services was issued with a restraining order in November 2022 and the Company complied with updated training manuals and policies relating to recruitment and employment with appropriate safeguards.  The Department of Homeland Security has initiated a review to determine whether human trafficking was involved in recruitment and placement of under-aged workers.

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