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National Biological Defense Strategy-‘22


In a recent editorial in Science, contributors from the Harvard Law School and New York University criticized the NBS-‘22 document for ignoring domestic risks. 


Ann Linder and Dale Jamieson justifiably cite the risk of an emerging zoonosis associated with the euphemistically termed “live bird market system”.  Urban wet markets in U.S. metropolitan areas are essentially no different from their counterparts in China and other Asian nations.  The report also notes the lack of concern in the NBS-‘22 report concerning domestic consumption of game animals and birds that are uninspected and represent a risk of an emerging zoonosis.


The authors characterized regulatory public health as being in need of reconstruction. They stated “What is needed is not simply for agencies to do their jobs better or to paper over the gaps, but a fundamental restructuring of the way that human-animal interfaces are governed.”


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