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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Health Concerns in the Turkey Industry


Dr. Steven Clark of Devenish Nutrition summarized the results of surveys conducted among poultry health professionals to determine the incidence rate of infections and conditions affecting the health of U.S. turkey flocks.  Data was presented at the 2018 U.S. Animal Health Association meeting.


The survey was based on the responses of 24 veterinarians involved in the turkey industry.  The outstanding problem relate to lack of approved efficacious drugs especially against histomoniasis, colibacillosis and protozoan infections.


Diseases of significance include the colibacillosis complex, frequently coupled with ORT and bordetellosis.  Other conditions detracting from optimal production include poult enteritides of diverse etiology, coccidiosis and clostridial dermatitis.


In reviewing the prevalence of specific conditions it is evident that histomoniasis is a significant problem especially since withdrawal of nitarsone in 2015.  Turkey coronavirus infection remains a problem with a resurgence in 2018 after two years of relative quiescence.  Turkey reovirus digital tendon rupture is increasing in incidence and it is generally considered that a vaccine will be required to suppress this condition.


Research priorities identified by the respondents included foodborne infections, specific disease as noted, welfare issues and flock management.

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