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LPAI Diagnosed in Second Minnesota Turkey Flock


The Minnesota Board of Animal Health has announced a diagnosis of H5N2 LPAI in a 13-week old hen flock of turkeys in Stearns County, which has the Mississippi River as the Eastern border. The diagnosis was based on routine pre-harvest surveillance on October 31st and the isolate was confirmed as H5N2 by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory in Ames, IA. at the beginning of November.

This case follows the previous October 19th isolation of H5N2 LPAI from a flock in adjacent Kandiyohi County. Both flocks have been quarantined and will be subject to controlled marketing when recovery of virus ceases. Surveillance within a 6-mile radius of the affected farms is in progress.

The FSIS export library has been updated documenting restrictions imposed on Stearns County by importing nations including Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

It is questioned whether the two outbreaks presage a recurrence of the 2015 epornitic of HPAI. At the outset a low-pathogenicity strain is involved although given sufficient time and number of flocks potentially affected the probability of a mutation to a highly-pathogenic virus may occur as in Indiana in January 2016. It is therefore imperative to maintain strict biosecurity with specific emphasis on feed delivery and avoiding dead-bird and garbage collection by common carriers identified as possible routes of infection by epidemiologic studies following the 2015 episode.

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