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ACLU to Contest Missouri Meat-Label Law


During early 2018, the Missouri Legislature enacted a law that requires any product labeled as “meat” in the State to be derived from a flock or herd, effective January 1st 2019. By definition and intent this law discriminates against plant-based meat substitutes.

The ACLU and the Good Food Institute joined with Tofurkey, a producer of plant-based products located in Oregon, to contest the law.

Requiring specific labeling of non-animal derived meat substitutes in Missouri would necessitate major redesign of packaging and labels for companies marketing product nationally. The approach by Missouri is somewhat analogous to an individual state requiring specific labeling as to GM status.

There is no question as to the motivation for the law, intended to protect in-state farmers against competition from vegetable-based meat substitutes. The law passed in Missouri has obvious national implications and will be the subject of extensive litigation in the future.

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