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The following commentary by Caroline Forest, Chief Marketing Officer of Intelia is posted for the information of subscribers to CHICK-NEWS.

An ounce of prevention from Intelia Compass™

Poultry farming has always been about knowing the condition of a flock. To know exactly how the birds are doing at any given time, in order to detect any potential problem, as early as possible, and to resolve situations as quickly as possible.

It's called prevention - and the Intelia Compass™ system has been developed to assist growers and Servicepersons to anticipate problems and implement corrective action.

Modern broiler houses are generally equipped with sensors that monitor and control important functions contributing to superlative performance or affecting the growth of a flock. Thus, by constantly assessing environmental and flock data, the experienced grower can detect anything unusual prompting intervention to prevent a small deviation from snowballing into a financially significant problem.

But what exactly is that "something unusual" that the grower should watch for and what should be done about it? Anything unusual is a circumstance that can degrade optimal production parameters.

The more recent the information the sooner the grower or integrator are alerted and the sooner the problem can be addressed. For instance, a sudden decrease in water consumption may suggest a number of possible causes and consequences. Having the ability to cross-reference in real-time with other parameters is a logical approach to identify the cause of an abnormality.

Another key element is how preventive production management practices can be expeditiously implemented through a single-platform solution. This facilitates more rapid and accurate diagnosis and implementation of remedial and preventive practices across a farm or complex. The longer it takes to recognize and correct a problem, the greater the impact of the deviation has on the flock.

Management of flocks is a balancing act. The grower has to respond to the advice and instructions of the Serviceperson to constantly harmonize ventilation, litter quality, fuel and power consumption, lighting and feeding to create optimal conditions needed for each stage of flock growth.

To have access to reliable, real-time environmental and flock data with analysis in a user-friendly format is a good start to achieve performance approximating genetic potential from flocks.

Taking care of small problems immediately prevents them from becoming major issues. The right information can be applied to optimizing the growing environment and improving the return from a flock.

The real-time, single-platform, analytics and predictive abilities of the Intelia integrated solution is designed to assist managers by:


  • Providing real-time data

  • Accessing information on a single platform

  • Generating a simple interface to display data for logical interpretation and action

  • Allowing a predictive capability to make the grower preemptive with respect to immediate flock management procedures.

  • Assist flock Servicepersons to convey appropriate recommendations

To learn more about Preventive Production Management systems such as Intelia Compass™, visit <> or contact an Intelia representative to schedule a demonstration.

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