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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

O.K. Foods Sues Carbon Dioxide Supplier


O.K. Foods has bought suit against Continental Carbonic Products, Inc* alleging that contamination leading to the recall of 150 tons of processed chicken was due to negligence on the part of Continental Carbonic Products.


At issue is the source of plastic material on processed chicken.  O.K. Foods alleges that following investigations, the plastic material resembled wear bands and the defective or deteriorated material was the source of foreign contamination on O.K. Foods product.  The value of chicken recalled was $520,000.


A number of recalls have occurred in 2019 attributed to contamination with plastic material most probably from processing equipment that is presumably inadequately maintained or inspected. Fortunately there have been no documented injuries from contamination.


*O.K. Foods v. Continental Carbonic Products, Inc. 2:19-cv-02031

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