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Provimi Quantifies Mycotoxin Contamination in Corn


Provimi, a subsidiary of Cargill has published the results of mycotoxin assays covering January-March 2019. A  total of 54,000 samples were assayed worldwide with 10,700 in North America. Aflatoxin was detected in 46 percent of samples, DON in 85 percent, fumonisin in 81 percent and T-2 in 56 percent.

Cargill have established the following threshold levels for poultry:

  • Aflatoxin:  20 ppb
  • Fumonisin:  1 ppm
  • Ocratoxin:  50ppb
  • T-2:  50 ppb
  • DON:  300 ppb

It is noted that although modern technology allows sensitive and reproducible assay levels, there is considerable sampling error since grains contaminated with mycotoxins may not be distributed evenly through a batch of an ingredient.

Provimi recommended addition of a mycotoxin binder to diets containing individual or combinations of mycotoxins at levels potentially of clinical significance. Promote® is a natural bentonite purified to remove any potential contaminants and with an added surfactant to promote binding.

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