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World Health Organization Warns of Antibiotic Resistance


According to a mid-June report from the World Health Organization, up to ten million people could die each year as a result of an infection with an antibiotic-resistant pathogen.  It is estimated that 700,000 fatalities occur each year with almost 40 percent of this number succumbing from drug-resistant tuberculosis.

According to the report by the Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance the problem occurs across a wide range of geographic areas and income demographics. Misuse of antibiotics in both human and animal health increases selection for pathogens expressing resistance. The problem is compounded by poor sanitation and deficiencies in hygiene in many areas.


The report points to the potential economic impact of non-controlled antimicrobial resistance affecting healthcare expenditures, food and feed production and increased poverty and inequality.


Progress has been made in many nations including the U.S. in reducing antibiotic administration to livestock. The World Health Organization report cites environmental contamination by pharmaceutical companies in their waste streams.  This problem was highlighted in 2017 by studied conducted in India in areas with a high concentration of drug manufacturers many of whom supply the U.S. with generics.


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