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Chr. Hansen Ranked as Most Sustainable Company


Chr. Hansen, established in Denmark almost 150 years ago was designated the most sustainable by Corporate Knight in their 15th Annual Global-100 Most Sustainable Corporations.  The award followed a review of close to 7,000 companies evaluated on quantitative performance indicators relating to sustainability.


Mauricio Graber, CEO of Chr. Hansen stated, “We are extremely proud and humble to receive this amazing honor.  I believe that one of the reason why Chr. Hansen has been ranked as number one is because the world is beginning to understand the power of good bacteria and the impact on challenges the world is facing including food waste, antibiotic overuse and need for more sustainable agriculture.”


Chr. Hansen has supplied natural ingredients to the food industry since 1874.  Sustainability remains at the core of company principles, reflected in the 2022 slogan “ Nature’s No. 1-sustainably”. 


The company is guided by the United Nations Global Goals influencing corporate strategy directed towards sustainable development.  Approximately 80 percent of the revenue of Chr. Hansen is consistent with UN Global Goals.


Chr. Hansen published their first sustainability commitment in 1949.  Probiotics and other selected bacterial cultures contribute to human health, animal productivity and displace chemical pesticides in agriculture.


In commenting on Company goals Graber stated, “We have a long way to go on our sustainability journey but we sincerely hope we can use this award to raise more awareness of the power and potential of good bacteria that are part of a sustainable solution to a number of challenges facing our planet.”

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