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Broiler Integrators Receive Subpoenas from DOJ


Tyson Foods, Pilgrim’s Pride Corp., Sanderson Farms and other integrators have received subpoenas from the Department of Justice requesting documentation and information related to the chicken industry. The request arises from the ongoing investigation on alleged indirect collusion. A concurrent civil suit claims that major integrators reduced placement of breeding stock to limit the availability of broiler meat. Plaintiffs in the civil suit and apparently now the Department of Justice will review whether an independent response to data distributed by Agristats® represented an anti-competitive and hence illegal activity. A second issue is the veracity of sales and price data submitted to the Georgia Department of Agriculture used to compile the Georgia dock price on which some contracts were based.

The Department of Justice requested that a Federal judge in Illinois hearing the civil action suspend collection of evidence including depositions to be used in the trial, pending the Grand Jury investigation.

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