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Welcome to Orffa as a Co-Sponsor of CHICK-NEWS


Orffa was established in Belgium in the 1960’s and acquired by a Dutch agribusiness conglomerate in late 1980’s, relocating its current headquarters to The Netherlands.  Following a management buyout in 2011 Orffa grew rapidly on the international scale.  In 2017 Orffa accepted an equity participation by Marubeni a conglomerate in Japan to further accelerate their global strategy.


Orffa generated revenue of $300 million in 2018 from the sale of 160,000 metric tons of feed additives distributed in 80 nations to over 800 customers. Orffa has a significant market penetration in the EU, Latin America and Asia and will be expanding operations in the area of monogastric nutrition in the U.S. leveraging their expertise in swine and poultry.  Information on Orffa is provided in a sponsored article accessed below and here as a Sponsored Article

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