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Tyson Foods Invests in Groupo Vibra, Brazil


Tyson Foods extended its international footprint by purchasing forty percent of the equity of Groupo Vibra.  Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.


Donnie King, Group President for International and Chief Administration Officer for Tyson Foods stated, “This investment will enable us to access poultry supplies in Brazil to meet the growing needs of customers and for priority demand markets in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.” King added, “Its part of our strategy to develop a more flexible supply chain and mitigate the volatility of our previous model which relied primarily on U.S. exports.”


It is evident that Tyson Foods is positioning itself to serve markets other than the U.S. as evidenced by the purchase of Keystone Foods with production facilities in Asia.


Groupo Vibra is predominately an export oriented producer serving customers in 50 nations.

The family-held company was established 25 years ago but has agricultural roots extending back to 1934.  The connection with Tyson Foods extends to use of Cobb stock.  The Groupo Vibra integration incorporates 700 contractors providing opportunities for family farms. 

Company products are marketed under the nat® and AVIA® brands.  The company produces 150 different products and it is evident that the association with Tyson Foods will lead to a reevaluation of the traditional U.S. model of exporting leg quarters, a commodity with the least possible product differentiation and devoid of added value.

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