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Cargill Invests in Vegetable-Protein Production


In an August 28th release, Cargill Inc. announced investment of $75 million in PURIS, a producer of pea protein. This capital investment is intended to double production from the Dawson, MN plant. The facility will support farmers in the U.S. producing peas and will contribute to sustainability given the nitrogen-fixing ability of legume crops. It is anticipated that full production at the Dawson plant will be attained in late 2020.

Laurie Koenig of Cargill noted “As consumer demand increases for plant-based proteins, we want to make sure that Cargill with our partner PURIS can deliver on that demand with great-tasting sustainable pea protein for customers in North America and across the World”.

PURIS will own and operate three facilities in North America dedicated to production of pea protein. These comprise Turtle Lake, WI; Oskaloosa, IA and Dawson, MN.

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