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Canadian Research Validates Consumption of Red Meat


A cooperative study* of available data conducted by epidemiologists and statisticians affiliated with McMaster and Dalhousie Universities in Canada determined that there was no statistically evident relationship between consuming red meat and the development of cardio-metabolic disease or cancer. A meta-analysis of twelve studies found no relationship between meat consumption and heart disease, diabetes or neoplasia.

A concurrent study to evaluate consumer attitudes regarding meat consumption suggests that motivation included the perception that meat was healthy and satisfied expectations of taste. A co-author of the published review, Dr. Gordon Guyatt noted “There is a worldwide interest in nutrition and the issue of red meat in particular. People need to be able to make decisions about their own diet based on the best information available.”

The conclusions contained in the article were criticized by researchers at the Harvard University, T. Chan School of Public Health and the American Cancer Society.  The question of non-disclosure of a potential conflict of interest by co-author Gordon H. Guyatt can be dismissed as a below-the-belt jab. A number of years ago Dr. Guyatt received funding from the International Life Science Institute, supported in part by companies  involved in meat production.

* Johnston, B.C. et al. Unprocessed red meat and processed meat consumption: Dietary guideline recommendations from the Nutritional Recommendations Consortium (NutriRECS). Annals of Internal Medicine DOI. 10.7326/M19-1621 (2019)

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