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Kristin Peck Designated as CEO of Zoetis


Kristin Peck is the designated successor to the Founder president and CEO of Zoetis, Juan Ramon Alaix who will retire on January 1st 2020. The appointment of Ms. Peck by the Board is in accordance with a succession plan. Ms. Peck currently serves as Executive Vice-president and Group President of U.S. Operation, Business Development and Strategy. She is a founding member of Zoetis having transferred from Pfizer at the time of the 2012 spinoff. Since 2015, Ms. Peck has managed U.S. operations and has achieved a competitive track record exceeding the growth rate of competitors in the animal health market. Her accomplishments were based on data-driven sales and marketing and introduction of companion animal drugs.

Chairman of Zoetis, Michael McCallister noted “Kristin has been an integral part of the management team that has firmly established Zoetis as the World’s leader in animal health”. He added “As head of U.S. operations, she has been an innovator around customer experience creating new loyalty programs and investing in digital tools, campaigns and direct-to-consumer advertising to support our growth”.

Alaix noted “Kristin is the right leader for Zoetis’ future”. He added “she is an advocate for our customers’ needs, a champion of our culture and values and an inspirational and collaborative leader for our people and industry”.

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