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Renewable Fuels Association Concerned over EPA Proposal for 2020 Renewable Volume Obligation


In an October 15th release, the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA) expressed concern over the supplemental proposal from the EPA regarding the 2020 Renewable Fuels Volume obligation.  The president and CEO of the RFA, Geoff Cooper praised the October 4th EPA announcement regarding 15 million gallons of ethanol for the coming year combined with a pledge by the President to restore integrity to the Renewable Fuels Standard. 


At issue is the volume of exemptions granted to small refineries.  In 2019 the RFS will be eroded to 13.9 billion gallons.  Although EPA administrator Andrew Wheeler has emphasized the intention to ensure 15 billion gallons of ethanol will be produced in 2020, there is concern that this goal may not be achieved.


Cooper stated, “It is our hope that President Trump will personally intervene again to get the RFS back on track and ensure that the EPA honors the commitments that were made.”

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