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Definitive Statement on October Negotiations Expected


President Donald J. Trump anticipates signing a trade deal during the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation meeting in Chile on November 17th and has been optimistically reporting on progress.

In contrast, Vice Premier of China, Liu He who participated in the October discussions and his deputies have been less than forthcoming on the substance of the October negotiations.

A second round of talks must be scheduled to resolve issues relating to technology transfer and other structural issues before a Phase-1 agreement can be signed. Both EGG-NEWS and CHICK-NEWS have commented on the disparity between statements by the White House and official spokespersons in Beijing as to what was agreed at the October meeting.

Resolution of the dispute initiated by the U.S. in response to unfair practices by China over decades, has now assumed more political than trade proportions and will be a factor in the 2020 campaign

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