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Steve Easterbrook Resigns as CEO of McDonald’s Corp.


In a surprise move Steve Easterbrook tendered his resignation as president and CEO of McDonalds Corporation after admitting to a consensual relationship with an employee, in conflict with Company policy. This was surely a case where a 6-month suspension would have been appropriate given the contribution of Easterbrook to modernization and progress in advancing profitability during his tenure and his future contribution


The Board in their sense of righteousness should remember that their revered founder Ray Krock wooed and married the spouse of a franchisee before she became his second wife.


It is ironic that Easterbrook was terminated while the president of a U.S. airplane manufacturer retains his position. He presided over a culture of profit- before-safety and was indirectly responsible for the death of over 300 passengers and crewmembers in two crashes. His dereliction of responsibility represents a profound ongoing financial burden to his company, shareholders and customers. Where is our sense of corporate proportion?

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