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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Tyson Foods Gains Market Penetration with Raised and Rooted™ Brand


Tyson Foods has announced that Raised and Rooted™ brand vegetable-based nuggets are now in 7,000 stores nationwide. Raised and Rooted burgers representing a mix of Angus beef and plant protein are now entering the marketplace. CEO of Tyson Noel White noted “alternative protein projections remain strong and we are well-positioned to lead in this growing space”.

Beyond Meat which has reported a significant drop in share price since their IPO is just beginning to experience competition from suppliers including Tyson Foods and anticipated entries by the Kellogg Company, Hormel Foods, Conagra Brands and Maple Leaf. All of these large food-producing companies can leverage their marketing expertise and distribution to the disadvantage of Beyond Meat. Observers also note competition from Impossible Burger with their claims for superior taste and texture.

Given the growth in supply of vegetable-based meat substitutes, retailers are featuring products priced at or above conventional meat. There are questions as to the eventual size of the market willing to pay a premium based on welfare sentiment or concern over the environment. The growth in demand for vegetable-based meat substitutes is in part fueled by a curiosity factor. A recent survey showed that close to 60 percent of consumers trying alternatives to meat failed to make a repeat purchase.

In Europe, market demand for meat substitutes is possibly higher than in the U.S. Burger King is selling a meat-free Whopper using a patty manufactured by Unilever Plc. The Vegetarian Butcher brand will be offered in 2,500 stores in the U.K., Germany, Spain, Poland and Italy. In contrast to the U.S., the Rebel Whopper by Burger King will be offered at the same price as the conventional meat burger.

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