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Tyson Fresh Meats Announces Resumption of Operations at Holcomb, KS Beef Plant


Damage from the severe August 9th fire that destroyed hydraulic and electrical systems at the Holcomb, KS beef plant operated by Tyson Fresh Meats is now almost repaired.  Extensive reconstruction was necessary including the installation of 50,000 ft. of new wiring and reconstruction of electrical panels.

During the closure of the plant, cattle were diverted to other facilities.  Tyson Fresh Meats will resume operation during the first week of December and will be fully operational by early January 2020.


Steve Stouffer, Group President of Tyson Fresh Meats stated, “We recognize the disruption the fire caused for our suppliers and our customers and we are more than pleased to announce we are in the final stages of reconstruction.”  He added, “Our team is ready to begin the process of ramping up, recognizing that there will be testing and adjustments over the first few weeks to ensure equipment functionality while maintaining our commitment to team member safety and food safety.”

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