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USPOULTRY Annual Report


The 2019 Annual Report of U.S. Poultry and Egg Association highlighted advances in research programs, contributions to human resources, safety and health, environmental management, food safety, education and communications. The International Poultry Expo is a significant source of funds and has set successive records for attendance and floor space, number of exhibitors and extent of education sessions.

The USPOULTRY Foundation supported 34 colleges and universities with student recruiting grants and sponsored 90 FFA students to attend the 2019 IPE. The USPOULTRY Foundation advanced $1 million to fund industry-related research.


In reviewing funding, the following activities were supported with funding as indicated:

· Research - $350,343

· College and student programs - $724,815

· Environmental programs and projects - $508,951

· Educational programs and projects - $350,592

· Projects supporting activities of the NCC, NTF and UEP - $270,000

· Animal Agriculture Alliance - $109,950

· U.S. Farmers and Ranchers Alliance - $101,440


During the year, USPOULTRY released 161 media items with more than 550 million exposures and distributed a 360° virtual reality video of a turkey farm.


USPOULTRY obtains funds from the IPPE and from member companies representing both producers and the allied industry. With a small staff of professionals, the achievements of USPOULTRY are made possible by contribution of time and effort by volunteers on 24 committees assisting the Executive Committee.

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