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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Product Innovations at IPPE


In reviewing products among the approximately 1,500 booths at the IPPE a number of products and services offered promised improved productivity and profitability:-


PVX 100 Vaccinator

Phibro Animal Health demonstrated the PVX 100 vaccinator designed to overcome the obstacles associated with injection of oil-emulsion inactivated vaccines. The unit developed in Israel offers advantages in terms of accuracy of administration with either one or two antigens, real-time management of vaccination reducing human error and improving safety. An alert is signaled if injection quality or quantity deviates from predetermined standards. The PVX 100 vaccinator is ergonomically efficient, light in weight and provides an electronic record of vaccination. Phibro Animal Health is offering the unit on a monthly lease that with acceptable utilization by a vaccination crew would incur a fixed cost of 1.5 cent per pullet.


The objective of vaccination is to immunize as many birds in the flock as possible. The cost should not be regarded as an addition to ongoing operations but should be valued in terms of enhanced protection and productivity of flocks. The analogy of the PVX 100 vaccinator is clearly the introduction of the Embrex in ovo technology 25 years ago that replaced manual administration of Marek's disease vaccine. The value of the installation was not in saving labor or reduced claims for carpal tunnel syndrome, but in reduced plant downgrades as a result of more effective and even administration of vaccine.



Chore-Time Konavi ® Poult Feeder

Chore-Time has introduced the Konavi ® poult feeding system, The center cone is fabricated form green plastic to attract poults to eat. The design excludes poults from pans and prevents fecal soiling of feed.

The Konavi feeder has a low height profile. This allows the pan to be positioned close to litter for easy access during the transition from flood feeding and the anti-rake fins prevent scratching feed onto litter. The Konavi poult feeder was designed for ease of cleaning.

Gamaxine From BV Science


Gamaxine comprises an active Bacillus Suspension to promote intestinal health. The product is available as a liquid to be added to drinking water from the time of placement for three consecutive days to establish a beneficial flora. This is followed by a second treatment at fourteen days to reinforce the beneficial components of the biome.

StellarNet NIR Analyzer

StellarNet has introduced a field-deployable NIR instrument analyzing for protein, fat, moisture, ash and other nutrients. The system is suitable for pelleted feed and provides a result within 30 seconds. Large feed mills with laboratories use bench-placed NIR instruments that are effective in providing nutritionists with data on ingredient composition for accurate formulation. These NIR instruments are also required to control quality of feeds. The advantage of the StellarNet unit is that it can be a transported among small mills or even complexes on a rotational basis.

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