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Email Content: Poultry Industry News, Comments and more by Simon M. Shane

Supermarkets Under Pressure From COVID-19 Panic Buying


Supermarkets chains are responding to unprecedented demand for shelf-stable foods, bottled water, paper goods, cheese and eggs.  In response, Wegman's Food Markets, Publix Supermarkets, H-E-B, Target, The Kroger Company and Trader Joe's are all reducing hours to enable staff to decontaminate stores and restock shelves depleted by demand.  The need to supply consumers extends backwards through the pipeline to suppliers of poultry meat and eggs.


Chains are closing in-store dining areas to reduce interpersonal contact and lower the possibility of COVID-19 transmission. Supermarket executives and the White House have urged customers not to stockpile to ensure that there are sufficient products available for all consumers.


It is anticipated that online delivery will increase in volume, but since this segment in the grocery market depends on independent delivery drivers. Extensive dissemination of virus may reduce this workforce.  Click-and-collect will continue and will favor companies such as Walmart that have invested in advanced systems and installations. Smaller grocery and convenience stores will also benefit since consumers may favor these retailers to avoid a heavy concentration in aisles and checkout lines contrary to the principle of “social distancing”.

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