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Sanderson Farms Confirms Employee Tested Positive for COVID-19


Not unexpectedly, an employee in the McComb, MS. plant operated by Sanderson Farms tested positive for the virus responsible for COVID-19.


It is to the credit of Sanderson Farms that a preemptive program allowed management to identify contacts working with the patient and to implement quarantine with paid leave.  The company also is to be complimented on their transparency in releasing information concerning the case.


This report will be only the first in a series of cases of COVID-19 infection among workers in the industry.  Prompt recognition of those who are ill and their prompt removal from the workplace with quarantine will reduce spread of the virus and preserve the health and productivity of co-workers.  This sentiment is emphasized in the statement by Joe F. Sanderson Jr. who stated "our first and most important priority is the health and well-being of our employees and we continue to take precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of illness.  We are actively monitoring this evolving situation to ensure we are operating at the safest manner possible."


It is hoped that measures taken to reduce spread in society will “flatten the curve”, but it must be anticipated that cases will emerge and should be identified in processing plants and other locations with a high density of workers.  The extent to which operations are impacted will be a function of planning and appropriate response to individual cases.

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