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Is COVID-19 Impacting Chicken Exports from Brazil?


According to the Brazil Association of Animal Protein  (ABPA) the nation exported 343,300 metric tons of chicken in April down 4.7 percent from the corresponding month in 2019. Over the first four months of 2020, total exports amounted to 1.36 million metric tons approximately 5.1 percent higher than in 2019.



Francisco Turra, Chairman of ABPA noted that exports have increased to China and to nations in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Turra ascribed the downturn in exports during April as being caused by holidays.  Purchases by Saudi Arabia during April were down 11 percent to 34,600 metric tons. Long-term Saudi Arabia is intent in becoming more self-sufficient in chicken production.

Francisco Turra

Reports from Brazil suggest that the increasing incidence rate of COVID-19 is affecting both red meat and poultry plants.  It is apparent that the Federal government does not have a coordinated plan to control COVID-19 that is affecting lower economic demographics in urban and rural areas.


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