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NC State Receives USPoultry Foundation Grant on Blackhead in Turkeys


Dr. Robert Beckstead, Prestage Family Distinguished Scholar of Immunology in the Prestage Department of Poultry Science at North Carolina State University will be the principal investigator in a $120,000 grant to establish preventive strategies and treatment options for histomoniasis (blackhead) in turkeys. Aspects of the research program will include intra-flock transmission, best management practices to prevent outbreaks and the development of molecular vaccines.


Dr. Denise Heard, Director of Research for USPOULTRY noted "blackhead is such an important disease in the commercial turkey and chicken industries.  With no effective vaccines to prevent blackhead and no approved treatments on the market we must rely on novel research to provide innovative strategies to tackle the issue".


The grant was made possible by an endowing Foundation gift from Prestage Farms.

Dr. Robert Beckstead





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