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Mexico Confines HPAI Ban on Imports from South Carolina Only to Chesterfield County.


On April 9th, Mexico imposed a ban on importation of poultry and egg imports from the State of South Carolina as a result of a single case of highly pathogenic avian influenza strain H5N3 in a turkey grow out farm in Chesterfield County.  This case was the last in a series of twelve involving outbreaks of low pathogenicity H5N3 in ten grow out farms in Union and Anson Counties in North Carolina and a single case in Chesterfield County.  The affected high pathogenicity flock in Chesterfield County demonstrated mild respiratory signs and was subject to surveillance with a presumptive diagnosis of avian influenza.  The classification of the virus as highly pathogenic was confirmed by the National Veterinary Services Laboratory after the flock was depopulated and prepared for composting.


The decision by SENASICA (equivalent to USDA APHIS) to apply regionalization is justified based on the fact that intensive surveillance has not revealed any other cases of avian influenza irrespective of pathogenicity, in the affected counties  of both NC. and SC. since the second week of April.

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