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Farbest Reports COVID-19 in Huntingburg, IN. Plant


Following the emergence of 42 cases of COVID-19 at the Farbest Foods Turkey Plant in Huntingburg, IN., it is intended to cease operations during the weekend of May 16th, followed by two working days.  This will provide an opportunity to decontaminate the plant and to test all workers in cooperation with the local hospital, the DuBois County Health Department, and the Indiana State Department of Health.


The President of Farbest Foods, Ted Seger, noted “At this time there are 42 confirmed cases at the Huntingburg plant and we are striving to contain that number.”  He added, “Testing all employees at the Huntingburg plant is out of an overabundance of caution, as local and state health authorities do not believe there is spread of COVID-19 occurring within the plant at this time. It was a unanimous decision from all parties involved in order to protect Farbest employees and the people in our community from further exposure.”


The openness of Farbest Foods, and its management to the situation in their plant and their civic-minded response is a refreshing alternative to secrecy and inaction displayed by some companies encountering COVID-19 in Midwest red meat packing facilities.

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